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Blockchain Technology

With blockchain technology, we believe that more of everything in the world will become money-like: fungible, liquid, and quantified.

Halal Investing

Investing according to Islamic principles can offer many benefits to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Halal investing encourages a disciplined investment process that promotes in-depth security research and monitoring. Islamic principles require that investors share in profit and loss, that they receive no interest (riba), and that they do not invest in a business that is prohibited by Islamic law, or sharia. Lao Trading offers her investors the opportunity to participate in halal investments.

Halal Investment

Arbitrage Trading

AI-empowered, risk-free crypto trading system. Arbitrage is a common strategy that involves the profiting from price discrepancies between exchanges. The inception of cryptocurrency has developed various arbitrage modes, making arbitrage an essential part in the crypto market. Lao Trading arbitrage system is built on Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowing access to the tools and services that were originally available only to high-net-worth individuals. With the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots in the platform, arbitrage trading can be instant and risk free as arbitrage opportunities are endless. However, as cryptocurrency and forex arbitrage is complicated and requires a lot of technical knowledge, we have developed a highly precise, adaptive, and fully automated arbitrage bot software, which gives you total control over your financial freedom. This cutting-edge technology developed by the IT team performs automated “risk free trading” for our clients using sophisticated technological tools and computer algorithms. Our system helps to streamline and simplify the arbitrage process, system identifies trading opportunities, and performs the trade at a low risk but with a potential to maximize profits.


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